SBS Under Fire For Using A Sexual Harassment Phrase On “Master In The House”

The episode featured the “Street Woman Fighter” crews.

Broadcaster SBS recently fell into controversy after a subtitle on Master In The House was identified as having roots in sexual harassment. The segment in question featured Street Woman Fighter crew Lachica‘s Gabi. As she showed off her dance and interacted with the fixed panel and guests, the subtitle used the phrase “Nuna, I’m dying” to express how the guests felt at her performance.

While the phrase sounds harmless enough on its own, netizens pointed out that the phrase itself has roots from countless male-dominant online communities. These male communities such as Ilbe, often post various sexually harassing GIFs and images of female celebrities and public figures. They then accompany the post with the phrase, “Nuna, I’m dying“.

Here’s one such example of a male-dominant community where they discuss the bodies of female celebrities.

  • “Wow Nuna…I’m dying.”
  • “Nuna with an amazing body…I’m dying.”
  • “Nuna I’m dying.”
  • “Wow Nuna I’m dying.”
  • “Yoo In Young’s backside is great.”
  • “Wow Nuna…I’m dying.”
  • “Cosmic Girls’ Seola is the best”
  • “Penthouse 3) Nuna I’m dying.”
  • “Ukraina Mahuchikh Nuna I’m dying.”

While many netizens are criticizing SBS for having used such a phrase, others defend it saying that the phrase can be used elsewhere and not just on such communities. However, a quick search on the internet with just the phrase alone gives rise to many disturbing results including slowed down GIFs that become sexually harassing.

| theqoo
  • “Is this a phrase used by Ilbes? Isn’t it just like a joking phrase that’s from male-dominant communities that many use on pretty and hot people? Just which part of it is sexually harassing? Is it because when you search it up, its used on posts with exposure shots, that people are saying its a trend for sexual harassment?”
  • “SBS has lots of such controversies when you look at it.”
  • “Sometimes when you watch female streamers, even though they’re just wearing pretty clothing, the comments are using that to express amazement. Is it a bad word?”
  • “I’m not surprised as its from that broadcaster… If the controversy gets big, they’ll write a statement…”

For those not yet in the know, Ilbe is a male-dominant online community in South Korea that is often criticized for putting down women, sexually harassing them and more. They are often anti-immigrant, anti-LGBT, anti-feminist and also far-right politically.

| theqoo
  • “It’s SBS so I’m not surprised.”
  • “Ugh… As expected of a broadcaster of Ilbes.”
  • “As expected of that broadcaster.”
  • “Why does SBS have many Ilbes since the past? Ugh”
  • “They’re filled with Ilbes.”

SBS has yet to give an official statement on the matter.

Source: Chosun and theqoo