Lawyer Speculates Lee Jonghyun and Yong Junhyung Won’t Be Punished

“Lee Jonghyun and Yong Junhyung did not commit any crimes.”

On a recent broadcast of SBS’s E-news Exclusive, the topic of Seungri‘s scandal came up, particularly regarding the probability of Lee Jonghyun and Yong Junhyung receiving punishment for their involvement in the chatroom.

SBS previously revealed chat logs in which Jung Joon Young shared illegal footages to the members of the chatroom. Lee Jonghyun and Yong Junhyung watched these videos and made inappropriate comments regarding the women in the videos.

This caused both shock and rage in the public, but despite the netizens assumption that they will be punished, a lawyer speculates that they will likely dodge any kind of punishment by the Korean law.

According to lawyer Kim Young Joo, since Lee Jonghyun and Yong Junhyung did not film or share the videos themselves, they haven’t committed any offenses that are punishable by law.

However, under the current law, spreading illegal videos can lead to a jail sentence of 5 years maximum or a fine of 30 million won ($25,000 USD).

Regardless of this revelation, Lee Jonghyun’s agency recently made a public apology expressing the star’s regret, and Yong Junhyung announced his exit from his group, Highlight.

Source: Insight

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