SBS Reports EXO Fans May Have Used Illegal Methods to Vote for ‘2019 Golden Disc Awards’

A.R.M.Y’s are demanding an investigation into the matter

2019 Golden Disk Awards has sparked serious allegation regarding the voting process. According to SBS report, EXO fans are under suspicion of using illegal methods to create thousands of votes for the ‘Popularity Award’.

The ‘Popularity Award’ voting was only available through a specific app made by a telecommunication company in Korea. There were 3 vote limits per user which needed a phone number verification. Watching an ad on the app provided 3 more votes per person so one person had a maximum of 6 votes to give to their favorite artists.

The problem arose when the places between BTS and EXO flipped overnight. BTS was leading the competition for the throughout the whole voting process but with only a few days left of the voting, EXO was able to gain more than 100K votes and take the first place.  Considering the odds of thousands of people creating a new ID to vote simultaneously within a few days seemed unlikely, the sudden changes raised questions among many fans.

It was argued that a particular fandom used illegal methods to generate votes illegally. Some posted proof of certain fandom sharing instructions on making numerous user IDs and alleged victims who had their phone numbers stolen shared their stories through social media.

On December 31, BTS was able to regain the first place just in time, but fans still demanded the illegal activities to be investigated. 

However, the officials from the ‘Golden Disk Awards’ and JTBC, the broadcasting company to air the show, is refusing to address the situation. One official from the award said, “We don’t have enough information regarding the situation. You should ask the telecommunication company that develope the app”.  JTBC also added, “We are aware of the allegation. But we don’t have any plans to make an official statement nor plans to investigate the matter.”

A.R.M.Ys are sharing their frustrations on Social Media and demanding EXO-L to admit and apologize for the actions.

Source: SBS and Sports Donga