SBS Exposes Choi Jonghoon and FNC’s Lies About His Connections With The Police Chief

SBS exposed them.

The March 18 broadcast of SBS 8pm News has revealed more shocking details of Choi Jonghoon’s ties with the Seoul Police Chief Mr. Yoon.

The show revealed Choi Jonghoon personally called the show’s production staff on March 2, and revealed everything himself.

When SBS asked Choi Jonghoon about his ties with Yuri Holdings CEO Yoo In Sul, and if they had any ties to the police, he confirmed that they did.

“Higher up people within the police? That’s right. I know of someone.”

— Choi Jonghoon

Following this part of the conversation, Choi Jonghoon sent the production staff member he was talking with a picture of Police Chief Mr. Yoon.

Choi Jonghoon continued, talking about how he played golf with him before.

“We played golf together before in Malaysia. I heard that he was at the Blue House before. He has police experience, I wonder how high [rank] he was since he was at the Blue House. Mr. Yoon’s wife also played golf with us.”

— Choi Jonghoon


Early on in 2018, Choi Jonghoon, Yoo In Suk, Mr.Yoon, and his wife played golf together in Malaysia.

Mr. Yoon’s wife lived in Malaysia with their children, and Choi Jonghoon also revealed he gave them tickets to FTISLAND’s concert when they performed there. VVIP tickets to their concert cost approximately 210,000 KRW and VIP tickets cost 150,000 KRW.

“Mr. Yoon’s wife lives in Malaysia together with their children. So when we had a concert there [with FTISLAND], I gave them tickets.”

— Choi Jonghoon


Finally, Choi Jonghoon mentioned the connection between Yoo In Suk and Mr. Yoon.

“Yoo In Suk told me that Mr. Yoon is in the Blue House, so he is a person of high status. He said I should treat him well, using honorifics when speaking to him and providing him with tickets.”

— Choi Jonghoon

Mr. Yoon later stated that while he did play golf and have meals with Choi Jonghoon and Yoo In Suk, he did not make such requests such as for tickets.

Choi Jonghoon denied that he had any ties to the police on March 13, even though that statement was released after his phone call with SBS. When he arrived for police questioning on March 17, he promised to be sincere to all investigations.

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Source: Sports Chosun

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