SBS “Midnight TV” discusses Mithra Jin’s previous comments on dating and relationships

More information regarding Mithra Jin’s relationship with actress Kwon Da Hyun was revealed on the recent episode of SBS Midnight TV Entertainment.  

On the program’s broadcast on December 24th, a close acquaintance of the couple disclosed new information about Mithra Jin and Kwon Da Hyun after the two publicly acknowledged their relationship during the premiere of The Perfect Way To Steal A Dog. 

The unnamed acquainted was interviewed and revealed, “The two have been dating for a little over two years. All the members knew of this as well.” 

During the broadcast, Mithra Jin’s previous statement on tvN’s Taxi was also mentioned, where the rapper was quoted saying, “I like tall women with long straight hair and pretty ankles,” along with previous statements such as, “If I ever publicly announce that I am dating someone I would probably announce that I’m getting married at the same time.” 

Since the couple’s relationship were disclosed to the public, netizens have also dug up past photos of the actress and were reposted online.

Source: Daily Finance