“The Show” Hosts Kim Minkyu And THE BOYZ’s Juyeon Take Test For COVID-19 For Preventative Measures

They have taken a test just in case.

According to iMBC, SBS MTV The Show’s host Kim Minkyu and THE BOYZ’s Juyeon have recently conducted a COVID-19 test. The results are due on April 6.

Kim Min Kyu’s entire agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, had the test conducted as a precautionary measure against COVID-19. This measure was taken after EVERGLOW Sihyeon’s manager confirmed positive for the virus.

EVERGLOW’s manager was at the location during the recording on March 24 at the SBS Prism Tower. She felt symptoms on March 27 and conducted a test on April 1. EVERGLOW’s entire agency and staff conducted the test as well afterwards.

According to government guidelines, those who have been in contact with someone who has tested negative do not to be tested. However, Minkyu’s agency took the test in order to prepare for anything unexpected.

They have also quarantined the SBS Prism Tower until April 4.

All officials and staff part of The Show have also all been tested and all have come out negative so far and have taken self-isolation measures. As a precaution, they will stop all broadcasts until April 7.

Source: iMBC