K-Drama “Penthouse” Actress Kim So Yeon Went To The Gym Even After Getting 12 Stitches

Her drive for acting has made her the great actress she is today!

SBS K-Drama Penthouse actress Kim So Yeon made an appearance on the show Master In The House along with fellow actresses Eugene and Lee Jia.

During the show, Kim revealed that she once went to the gym to work out even after getting into an accident during filming.

This incident occurred back in 2009 when she was playing the role of a North Korean agent for the KBS drama Iris.

It was during an action scene where we were fighting inside an ambulance. I ended up getting 12 stitches after struggling.

⁠— Kim So Yeon

What was shocking was that she continued to go to the gym after coming back from the hospital.

She stated that because her character involved a lot of action scenes, she went to the gym even though she had injuries so as not to break the viewer’s attention and flow of the drama.

I was sad that the muscles that I worked so hard to make were disappearing.

⁠— Kim So Yeon

Even for her character as an announcer in the 2000 MBC drama All About Eve, she took actual training classes with other announcers.

“Back then, I had many notebooks filled with lines from my script,” proving just how hard she worked to become a good actress.

Source: insight