SBS K-Drama “Penthouse” Drops Official Poster For Season 2

Get ready for another crazy season!

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Popular SBS K-Drama Penthouse is getting ready to premiere season 2!

| Penthouse Season 2 Poster/SBS

Recently, the official season 2 poster dropped on the SBS official website, giving fans a hint at what to expect next.

The poster reveals the same eight characters revealed from season one’s poster.

| Penthouse Season 1 Poster/SBS

What’s freaking fans out is that Lee Ji Ah (Shim Soo Ryeon) is seen on this poster too!

Previously in season one, the show ended with the death of Shim, bringing shock and disbelief to many viewers.


But seeing that they included Lee Ji Ah in the new poster gives fans hope that she will somehow return for the next season.


Previously, netizens began posting plot twist theories online about Lee Ji Ah’s character, stating that she was actually a twin!

I guess we will have to wait and see to see what happens in season 2! The premiere date is set for February 19.

Watch the season 2 trailer below!

Source: insight
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