SBS’s “The Player: K-POP Quest” Reveals Official Cast And Lineup

Who’s excited for this show?

The cast for SBS’s The Player: K-POP Quest, was revealed online. This show is the first SBS entertainment show in which the strongest artists from each field become game players while trainees from KQ Entertainment are the game characters as they go through various games and quests.

Fellaz 2 is the main character of the program and includes 10 trainees from KQ Entertainment. As for the expert game players, they include Lynn, INFINITE’s Sunggyu, Honey J, Hanhae, Eden, B.B trippin, and more. They also announced the hosts to be Defconn and announcer Jo Jung Sik. On the other hand, the show will premiere on September 18 at 11:05 PM KST.

Source: newsen