SBS Reveals Another Famous Male Idol Has Been Accused Of Sexual Assault

He was accused of sexual assault.

SBS has revealed an exclusive report detailing how a famous male idol group member only identified as “A” has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman in 2010.

The victim, only identified as Ms. “B”, claimed she was a victim of sexual assault at her own home in Ilsan in May 2010. A came to her house drunk, and that’s where the assault happened. B contacted A after the incident, but she never received an apology from him.

He said he would help me fall asleep, so I laid down, but in an instant… he said it would all be okay, and also grabbed my arm.

— B

B only decided to file a complaint about the incident after seeing the many different revelations of other idols’ sexual crimes. She had been receiving psychological treatment due to the trauma from the incident.

B also told SBS 8 pm News how she tried to reject A’s advances, but her efforts were useless.

I told him my intentions to reject his advances two times, but it was no use. I was really ashamed. There was no sense of human respect.

— B

In response, A’s agency has already released their statement regarding the matter.

It’s true that our artist was involved in sexual relations with B at the time, but it was done under consensual agreement and there was no coercion involved. Our artist is currently holding performances overseas, and will faithfully conduct investigations when he returns to Korea.

— A’s agency

Netizens have already believed they have figured out who the male idol is, based on the pictures used by SBS. They believe that the idol group involved is SS501.

The background of the picture used by SBS matches one of SS501, along with the outfits.

In addition, SBS revealed the silhouette of the member involved.

Once again, the backgrounds of the pictures, the face shape, and clothing matches, with the original picture being of SS501 member Kim Hyungjun.

Finally, A’s agency stated that A is currently overseas for a series of performances, and would participate in investigations once he returned to Korea. Kim Hyungjun is currently in the middle of his world tour, most recently performing in Peru.

Source: TV Report