SBS “Inkigayo” Settles Aespa’s Stage Design Plagiarism Controversy With Artist Blake Kathryn

Fans are glad to finally get an update on the situation.

SM Entertainment‘s rookie group aespa’s debut stole the spotlight for several reasons. For one, the members gained attention for their visuals, talent, and charisma; however, the group also caught a lot of eyes due to several plagiarism claims.

K-Pop fans noticed the aesthetics for aespa’s music video for “Black Mamba” looked similar to the art of Timo Helgurt and the art of the League of Legends girl group, K/DA

SM Entertainment eventually made a statement about the scandal and the two parties decided that there were no issues. Despite the two parties’ agreement that there were no problems, the group was hit with yet another plagiarism controversy. 

aespa on SBS’s “Inkigayo”. | SBS

After the group’s “Black Mamba” stage on SBS‘s Inkigayo, the stage design was called out for being similar to artists Blake Kathryn‘s Purple Room. The artist took to social media to share her distress over the similarities between her art and aespa’s “Black Mamba” stage.

The artist made it clear that she did not blame the members of the group but was looking to have the management take responsibility.

In a recent update on January 11, Blake Kathyrn posted on Instagram that she and SBS have reached a settlement:

I have been in contact with Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS), the Korean company regarding Aespa’s debut stage performance.*

SBS has acknowledged that the stage art design from ‘Inkigayo’ and m work ‘Purple Room’ have notable similarities.

I’m pleased to announce we have reached a positive settlement to this issue. I sincerely thank everyone for their support and understanding.

The ‘Inkigayo’ team and I collectively wish aespa all the success with their debut and future. We’re happy to close this chapter and not allow this to tarnish the lovely performance of aespa’s debut stage.

— Blake Kathryn

Fans of Blake Kathryn and aespa are happy to hear that the situation has been handled. Many expressed their excitement to hear the artist would receive recognition and congratulated her.