“Scarlet Heart Ryeo” Couple IU And Lee Joon Gi Will Reunite On TV

They will be reunited on TV!

The Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo couple IU and Lee Joon Gi will be appearing on the variety show Knowing Bros together!


According to OSEN, the couple was filming the JTBC variety show on October 11th.


IU and Lee Joon Gi appeared in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Ryeo back in 2016 so it will be the first time they are reunited on TV in 2 years!


After appearing on the drama together, both IU and Lee Joon Gi have proved their close friendship by not only participating in each other’s fan meetings and concerts, but also by sending each other food trucks to show their support.


This time as well, Lee Joon Gi is appearing on the upcoming variety show with IU only to support her and her promotions as he is currently not working on any films or dramas himself.


Due to their extraordinary chemistry, rumors even had it that the two stars were dating. Lee Joon Gi’s agency quickly denied the rumors, however, stating that they were simply co-stars.

Rumors of IU and Lee Jun Ki dating fuels fans to ship them


IU and Lee Joon Gi shippers can start looking forward to the reunification of these two amazing stars. Stay tuned!

Source: Osen