A Scene From Hit K-Drama “Crash Course In Romance” Is Going Viral For The Most Heartbreaking Reason

It raised a heated debate about the lack of understanding in Korea.

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One of the hottest K-Dramas right now has to be Crash Course In Romance. The show follows a star maths tutor Choi Chi Yeol (played by Jung Kyung Ho), who meets shop owner Nam Haeng Seon (Jeon Do Yeon).

In particular, one heartbreaking scene has gone viral after sparking debate on the lack of understanding in Korea about autism.

The poster for “Crash Course In Romance” | tvN

Along with some of the main cast, one character that made an impact is Nam Jae Woo (played by Oh Eui Sik), who is the brother of Nam Haeng Seon.

The series reveals that Nam Jae Woo has Asperger syndrome, where he struggles with things like social interactions.

The characters Nam Jae Woo (left) and Nam Haeng Seon (right) | tvN

The show has continuously touched upon Nam Jae Woo, and one of the most poignant moments came in a recent episode. Throughout the series, Nam Jae Woo has always spoken about his routine in the morning of going to get a waffle from his favorite cafe.

In the latest episode, after arriving at the cafe and receiving his order, Nam Jae Woo notices the barista has some chocolate on her hand. As he tries to clean it, she hits back at him, assuming he is trying to hurt her.

Another barista, who is her boyfriend, then comes and starts getting angry towards Jae Woo, accusing him of being a stalker as he comes into the shop every day.

When the male barista picks a fight with Jae Woo, he retaliates and pushes the man to the floor, which leads him to file criminal charges.

When Jae Woo’s sister comes to get him in prison, Jae Woo feels overwhelmed by the situation, and she tries to reassure him before getting the baristas to drop the charges.

After the clips were shared, netizens couldn’t stop sharing their reactions to the heartbreaking scene, showing the lack of understanding people have.

While others explained that it showcased the reality that the lack of understanding can cause, as it wasn’t surprising that the barista was scared.

In particular, netizens praised the reaction of the family and how they were presented in the episode.

After they returned home, the calmness of Jae Woo’s family showcased the love they showed, along with how they explained the situation and found ways to make him feel better.

While the show is centered around the two main characters, the series touches upon many other topics, including suicide and the pressures of Korean society. It isn’t surprising that it’s become such a hit with both Korean and international netizens.

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