“School 2017” Director Talks About How Sejeong Is As An Actress

The director of KBS’s School 2017 explained why he chose Kim Sejeong out of the 200 auditionees.

Director Park Jin Suk revealed that he first didn’t have high expectations for Sejeong.

“Honestly, I didn’t have high expectations for her because she was a singer, and not an actress.”

— Park Jin Suk

But she blew him away with her natural acting skills.

“When we first met her, she had to prepare her own natural acting because we didn’t have a script yet. But she acted so well. It was something that was hard to prepare, and it caught our attention.”

— Park Jin Suk

He chose Sejeong because she works hard, has incredible talent and a bright energy.

He now sees her as a rookie actor more than a rookie idol.

“She asks a lot of questions on set and studies her character thoroughly. Instead of feeling like I’m working with an idol, I feel like I’m working with a greedy, talented and diligent rookie actress.”

— Park Jin Suk

He has very high expectations for Sejeong and her future career.

“It’s been about two weeks since I started working with her, and I believe she has a lot of potential as an actress.”

— Park Jin Suk

Source: Yonhap News