“The School Nurse Files” Actress Song Hee Joon Apologizes For Neglect After Netizens Track Down Her Missing Rescue Dog

She admits to her immature decisions.

Actress Song Hee Joon is under fire for suspicion of having abandoned her adopted rescue dog, named Monet.

| Adoption agency Instagram

The adoption agency posted a message on Instagram revealing that Monet was returned to them. They explained that it was in no way Monet’s fault and that he had been mistreated by the owner who failed to take care of his basic needs.

| Adoption agency Instagram

Monet, who was adopted last year, has been returned to us. Of course, Monet is not at fault. He was returned this morning with his fur tangled to the point of skin damage. The groomer even stated that the fur on his head and ears were so tangled that he was in danger of necrosis. His weight dropped about 100 grams after being groomed.

We hope to help stabilize and comfort Monet by putting him back with his foster family who took care of him before he was adopted. We are thankful to the foster family for taking him in again without hesitation. Monet, who is still growing, needs to gain more weight. We will update you all soon.

— Adoption Agency

Netizens that saw this post began to speculate that it was Song Hee Jun’s dog, whose name was also Monet. Song, who adopted Monet nine months ago, also created a separate Instagram account for Monet using hashtags #사지말고입양하세요 (#AdoptDontShop).

After the controversy started to gain more heat, Song switched her Instagram to private before switching back to public to post her official statement regarding the situation. She first explained that she had to put Monet in her parents’ care after Monet became stressed by a neighboring dog.

Hello this is Song Hee Joon. I apologize for causing concern to so many people.

About two months ago, a young Jindo dog moved in next door, which shares a wall and yard with mine. Every time Monet sensed the dog’s presence, he wouldn’t be able to sleep and would bark all night. As more time went on, he started to not eat and threw up the food that he did eat. The vet said it was due to stress, so I decided that moving was the best option. While searching for a new house, I left Monet at my parents’ house where he was reported to be eating and sleeping well.

— Song Hee Joon

| @monet_hj/Instagram

My father, who is battling cancer, started to get worse. Because he had to go to the hospital more often, a friend who lives in the same apartment as my parents helped take care of Monet. That friend asked if they could adopt Monet. Considering my father’s health and the possibility of having to moving back in with my parents, I let the adoption agency know about the situation. Although I told them about my situation, they said that it was not possible and took him back.

Because of my immature decisions, I was not able to take full responsibility of Monet. I am sorry to Monet and the adoption agency.

— Song Hee Joon

Song made her debut as an actress in 2018 with the short film Hysteria. She is also recently known for her role in the Netflix Series The School Nurse Files.

Netizens could not hide their disappointment regarding the news.

  • “If you try to find different solutions and love to your pet, there is a way to live happily with them. It’s when your love and affection for them fades that you begin to make excuses and ultimately send them back.”
  • “Why are you making weird excuses, just apologize for your actions.”
  • “If this is how heated it gets for a lesser known actress, imagine what would happen if it were a famous actress.”
  • “What’s with all these excuses…it’s one thing to send them back, but to have their skin so bad to the point of necrosis? That is really unacceptable.”
Source: insight, ilgan sports and theqoo
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