This School In Seoul Complained About Not Being Able To Be Homophobic To Their Students

They claimed the rights to criticize homosexuality was blocked.

The Seoul Christian School filed a lawsuit since they couldn’t be homophobic to their students.

Seoul’s “Seoul Ordinance of Student Right” is a ban concerning gender, sexuality, and sexual orientation discrimination. A student has a right to not be discriminated on these groups. It also states that executives of schools, principals, staff, and students shall not infringe the human rights of others through discriminatory language, behavior, or expression.

The school has violated this ordinance but claims that it goes against their autonomy.

The school claims that it “blocked their right to criticize homosexuality.” They also say that it is now impossible to educate how “wrong” homosexuality is.

Their lawsuit was rejected by the appeal court.

South Korea is well-known to be a conservative country, but to actually file a lawsuit to not be able to discriminate is next level. What do you guys think?

Source: News One