After School’s Nana rated #1 on Chinese variety show “Fashion Goddess”

After School’s fashionista, Nana, has garnered attention for her frequent high reviews and her #1 rank on the Chinese variety show, Fashion Goddess.

Recently, Nana has been chosen as a regular member on the fashion-related Chinese variety show Fashion Goddess. This program is one of China’s top fashion variety shows where renown online shopping malls, big name buyers, and celebrities feature as judges to provide their reviews on the show’s weekly fashion mission. The missions are rated 40% by the buyers, 40% by the audience votes, and 10% by the members on the show.

Nana surprised everyone with her consistency in high weekly performance and scoring the highest value on the show at $750,000 USD.  On an episode of Fashion Goddess aired October 18th, Nana worked together with designer Choi Beom Suk. Nana executed her concept of “Sleeping Beauty” flawlessly receiving high praise from the judges, ending with a final value of $550,000 USD, placing her at #1 for the weekly challenge.

Nana has established herself as a popular fashion icon in China. Meanwhile, Nana has been very busy with her schedules, traveling back and forth from Korea to China for the filming of her Korean reality show, Roommate.


Source: Osen

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