After School’s Raina captures fans attention with stunning figure + thank you speech by San E

After School‘s Raina attracted the attention of fans recently with a picture of her showing off her figure during a photo that was spread around the internet. She’s also been at the center of attention for a thank you speech by San E, for their collaboration track.

Recently an online community posted a picture of Raina posing in front of cameras in a sleek black dress, and the photo has managed to make it’s way around the internet catching the attention of many male fans. Raina, who is also a member of After’s School’s sub unit Orange Caramel, if often known to be the member who is full of cuteness, and to see her show off her stunning figure caught many by surprise.

Earlier this year in June, solo artist San E and Raina also had the chance to collaborate in a romantic duet “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness”. The two artists won the category of Best Rap and Hip Hop at this year’s 2014 MelOn Music Awards where San E mentioned Raina in his speech after winning. In his speech he thanked Raina for collaborating with him, and proceeded with, “There are so many people I would like to thank, but most importantly I would like to thank Raina. Without you I would have not earned this money.” The duo managed to beat out other prominent nominees like Beenzino, Loco, Mad Clown, Gary and Jung In and won first for their category.

After collaborating with artists like San E and Kanto from BrandNew Music, Raina will also be joining their 6th agency concert as a special guest for BrandNew Year 2014, that is to be held on December 7th at Olympic Hall.

SourceInternet Korea Times