Scotty Kim Reveals How He Convinced Park Bom To Overcome Her Fear Of Returning To The Public Eye

“It took a long time for her to overcome that fear.”

D-Nation‘s CEO, Scotty Kim, talked about the journey he and Park Bom went through before finally making her long-awaited comeback last month.

Scotty Kim told the details in an interview with Star News:


How did you meet Park Bom?

Actually, we are friends. I actually don’ㅅ remember how we first met. It’s been that long. It was 1 year ago that I suggested we work together. I grew up in America and was working in America so I didn’t know much about K-Pop. As it is now, K-Pop was focused on idols and as a person who grew up in the states, I was unfamiliar with groups on stage. Even so, I liked Park Bom as an artist since then. She had a unique voice. I thought if it was done properly, that she could succeed in America too.

ㅡ Scotty Kim


How was Park Bom’s reaction when you proposed to work together? It must’ve not been easy for her to return to the public eye.

That’s true. She was doubtful. Park wanted to do music again but she was afraid of returning to the public eye. Also, she couldn’t easily decided because she was thinking that her decision could affect the people around her. So I continued to have her listen to music and convinced her. Instead of saying repetitive words, I wanted her desire to sing become greater than her fear by continuously having her listen to music. It took a long time for her to overcome that fear.

ㅡ Scotty Kim


Even though you were friends and saw potential, it must have been difficult to decide on proposing to work together. It’s true that the public sentiment is still not positive.

Even for me, it’s true that I had a sense of fear even after we decided to work together and while we were working on the album. However, after completing the track ‘Spring’, I became 100% certain. I thought that Park Bom must sing this song.

ㅡ Scotty Kim


What made you 100% sure after listening to “Spring”?

If the song made me feel moved, I was sure Park Bom’s emotions would be conveyed to the public as well.

ㅡ Scotty Kim


How do you feel now that promotions are over? Do you think you’ve achieved your goal?

I believe so. Despite the short 3-week promotion, Park Bom has shown a big difference in her psychological state. During the end of the promotions, she said, ‘I was just getting accustomed to performing and it was getting fun but it’s over now.’ Actually, I was worried because she was so nervous before going on stage for the showcase but I’m very happy that it was successful.

ㅡ Scotty Kim


Meanwhile, Park Bom is currently preparing for another comeback featuring MAMAMOO‘s Wheein. Her new track is set to be released on May 2 so stay tuned!

Source: Star News