Script for “Producers” reveals that Kim Soo Hyun may not be the only lead

Recently on March 23rd, the cast of Producer gathered for their first official script rehearsal. Many of those who were present were surprised to see Kim Soo Hyun’s rather low number of scenes.

Other than the fact that the drama is being created with a superb cast of actors including Kim Soo Hyun, IUCha Tae HyunGong Hyo Jin, and Kim Jong Kook, the producing staff of the drama evenly distributed the scenes and lines without favoring certain stars for their fame and experience.

Kim Soo Hyun had fewer lines and scenes than were expected by many. But, he does have the right amount as a lead cast member. It was just that many lead actors had equal amounts of scenes,” said one of the audience members at the rehearsal. “Kim Soo Hyun played a lead role in the drama, My Love from the Star and rose up to become a huge star. However, despite being called frequently to take lead roles by himself, he chose not to do so and came on to Producer. He did have the chance to stand out by himself.”

Kim Soo Hyun progressed from the lead actor of My Love from the Star to one of the biggest stars in Asia gathering fame from countries like China and Taiwan. His agency, Key East Entertainment, mentioned, “Both Kim Soo Hyun and the agency are aware that the drama Producer isn’t centered around Kim Soo Hyun. We are fully aware and can say it is alright. When Kim Soo Hyun was considering various opportunities in drama and movies, he looked into the quality of his character not how many lines or scenes he will be given. That being said, the drama Producer really excels in quality.

The audience at the rehearsal also was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the script. It surely seems like the author put in numerous amount of hours and effort into each character in the drama. In fact, the rehearsal was very fun and had a great atmosphere among the cast. It seems like the drama will surely be a big hit once it airs.

Source: enews24