These Sculptures Are Getting Taken Down Because They Trigger Anyone Who Sees Them

The City has decided it will be best to remove the sculptures.

City of Daegu, South Korea, is known to get struck with the craziest heat waves during the summer months. One of the city’s landmarks have been the melting traffic cones and fried egg sculptures, first installed by a local Hyundai Department Store in 2017. By 2018, a couple of melting slippers and a frypan have been added to the set, receiving a lot of love from residents and visitors.


While many Koreans had a blast taking pictures on these sculptures that poke fun at simply how hot Daegu can get, some citizens couldn’t handle the visualization of it all. Accusing the sculptures to “trigger” them, these citizens have filed official complaints about the sculptures with the Daegu City.


Following the complaints, the Daegu Jung-gu Office ordered the department store to take down the sculptures.

“We have reviewed the sculptures as soon as we received the complaints asking us to remove them. The department store did not acquire permits to install such sculptures on the streets. We have asked the responsible Hyundai Department Store to take them down.”

— Daegu City Jung-gu Office


Koreans are divided as to why the sculptures have to be removed; Some believe the sculptures are indeed an inconvenience for the residents, while others are sad to see such fun and cute sculptures go.

  • “But they’re so cute! Why do we have to get rid of them?”

  • “Well, they are kind of installed all over the place. It could pose as harm for pedestrians.”

  • “I feel like it would get really hot to pass through those gigantic black slippers and the fry pan.”

  • “I love these sculptures. I always stop by to see them when I’m in the city for concerts.”

  • “LOL. It’s cute for us to see. But for people who live there, I’m sure it’s upsetting to see melting plastic cones when it’s actually lethally hot outside.”

Source: Chosun News and Instiz