SE7EN Reveals The Pros And Cons Of Dating Publicly With Lee Da Hae

He says this always happens since they’re dating.

SE7EN guest starred on Video Star, where he was asked if he was still madly in love with his girlfriend, actress Lee Da Hae. And he responded with the biggest smile… “Yes.”


When asked what was the best part about dating publicly, SE7EN replied that they’re able to go on dates freely without having to hide.

“As a pro, we’re able to comfortably go to restaurants and go on dates.”



The downside to dating publicly comes from always having everything intertwined with each other. Even with a simple smile, the press find a way to get the other involved!

“The cons are that when we work on our individual projects, we’re continually brought up about each other.

Whenever we do anything, [we’re intertwined]… like ‘The smile that [SE7EN] fell in love with.’ It can get in the way sometimes.”



Even so, SE7EN loves being in a relationship with Lee Da Hae as they’ve become a source for each others’ positivity and strength!

“She has great energy. I think that’s why we get along so well. We give each other positive energy and become each others’ strength.



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Source: Dispatch