Se7en remains quiet with regards to recent break-up with Park Han Byul

As news of their break-up after twelve years of being in a relationship were released to the public earlier today, the media and fans alike are querying Se7en’s response to the news. 

On December 24th, news of their break-up were widely reported after Park Han Byul was spotted in a number of dates with current boyfriend Jung Eun Woo. Since then, the media and fans alike focused their attention to singer Se7en’s statement who is still finishing his mandatory training in the military.

When asked of his position, a representative in his behalf was quoted saying, “Nothing has been determined in respect to the break-up.” It was only revealed that Se7en and Park Han Byul had a number of discussions and eventually broke up early this year, but was quietly disclosed in respect to Se7en who is still serving in the military. Despite the break-up, however, it was mentioned that the two are still in touch as friends.

As Se7en nears the end of his training, the media is concerned as to what his statement will be, along with comments from the previous massage parlour incident that he was involved in.

Se7en is set to be released from the military on December 28th.

Source: Newsen