Se7en and YG Entertainment opt out of renewing contract and officially part ways

YG Entertainment and its former artist, Se7en, will not be renewing any contracts together as both sides have decided that it would be the best for each other to part ways.

In March of 2013, Se7en enlisted into the South Korean military to serve his two-year mandatory service without renewing his contract with YG Entertainment as it was closing in on an expiration that same year. Many fans, and even the public, were curious as to whether or not the artist and the agency would renew his contract once he was discharged.

However, according to a media outlet on February 25th, after being discharged from his military service in December of 2014, Se7en and YG Entertainment have been discussing the options of a contract renewal over the past several months.

Both the artist and the agency, nonetheless, have opted out of renewing any contracts and confirmed over the Lunar New Year holiday that it would be best for both parties to officially part ways. It was also revealed that both Se7en and Yang Hyun Suk had an extremely hard time getting though this decision as both have worked together since the artist’s debut and the emotional attachments and affections towards each other still remain.

An industry official stated, “Because Se7en is currently without an agency, it seems as though YG Entertainment is helping out with his settling down after being discharged from the military. Though they aren’t his agency anymore and cannot openly help promote him, it looks as though they are helping him from the back and giving him all the resources he needs and the emotional support as well.

Se7en will be kickstarting his career with brand new resolutions and determinations within the new year. However, an acquaintance of the artist says that Se7en is currently getting used to being back home after being discharged by going on trips and vacations.

He has been going on a lot of vacation trips and getting a lot of needed rest from it. Because he has been through quite a lot recently, I think he will need a little more time,” stated the acquaintance, “I don’t think he’s really determined to finding another agency just yet.

Se7en first debuted under YG Entertainment in 2003 with his first hit single, “Come,” and succeeded as one of the agency’s greatest artists for the following 10 years.

Source: TenAsia and Ilgan Sports