Sean and Jung Hye Young to make appearance on SBS “Healing Camp”

YG Entertainment’s Sean and actress Jung Hye Young have been confirmed to be making their first talk show appearance in two years by filming together for an upcoming episode of SBS’s Healing Camp.

The two will film for Healing Camp in early November, though the episode’s air date has not yet been confirmed. The last time the couple appeared on a broadcast together was for an episode of KBS’s Win Win back in December of 2012.

Sean and Hye Young celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary and are well known in the entertainment industry to have a deeply committed relationship to one another.

The power couple are also devoted to their four children and distinguished for their dedication to charity work. Since the two have been married, they have spent over 1,000 hours volunteering and donating money to charities that help sick children and adults.

Source: Nate, MWAVE