Sean and Jung Hye Young reveal their monthly donation costs

On SBSHealing Camp, Sean of past hip-hop duo Jinusean and his wife Jung Hye Young revealed the cost of their monthly donations to be about $27,000!

The couple had starred in the recent episode of SBS’ Healing Camp on December 22nd, where comedian and MC Kim Kyung Gyu had revealed as a topic of conversation, “This couple has said that their monthly fixed donations range around $27,116.40, while their yearly income is around $3,163,300.” This beginning statement thus garnered much attention, prompting Sean to explain the cause to the huge amount of income.

Sean explained, “I’m living busier than when I used to promote in season. I give lectures, and we had just completed a couple CF. I’m also undertaking a small business,” adding, “[My] wife Jung Hyeyoung too doesn’t seem like she does a lot of work, but she does complete her own work yearly.”

He concluded with, “It was a donation that began with giving $10 per day. It had started from us wondering how it would be if we shared our great happiness. If there’s a general measuring cup to happiness, then ours is overflowing. Thus began our project to share the [overflowing] happiness.”

Through updates on Instagram, Sean had frequently continuously updated his fans on services done for the community around him, in which comments are full of gratitude and praise.

Source: News N