“Charity Angel” Sean Is Sponsoring 1,000 Children And Has Donated $3.8 Million Thus Far

He and his wife are angels.

Sean recently appeared on an episode of Radio Star and revealed his extraordinary charity activities.

Songwriter Ju Yeong Hun, who also guested on the episode, brought up the fact that Sean gives an extraordinary amount of donations and clarified that he is currently sponsoring a total of 1,000 children.

(I’m sponsoring) a total of 1,000 children.

ㅡ Sean


He also said that he has donated a total of 4.5B KRW ($3.8M USD) thus far.


In regards to the donations, he explained that he and his wife, Jung Hye Young decided to begin by donating even just 10,000 KRW per day and that amount grew little by little.

He also explained that his funds came from his advertisements, lectures and business after his marriage.

I wasn’t able to film any advertisements when I was promoting as a singer but after getting married, I was able to afford it through advertisements, lectures and business income.

ㅡ Sean


Joo Yeong Hun added that the couple has never owned their own home and that many companies support them because of their charitable work.

Everyone dreams of buying their own house when they get married but Sean and his wife have never owned their own home. Because Sean and Jung Hye Young do much charitablework, many companies also support them. Then, they take that and donate it again.

ㅡ Joo Yeong Hun


Sean said that they were even approached by a stranger at a restaurant who wanted to participate in the work they did.

In fact, my wife and I visited a tofu house and the person who was working there paid our tab. Then they gave us an envelope and said they wanted to participate in the work we did.

ㅡ Sean


Sean and Jung Hye Young are truly a  “charity angel” couple!

Source: My Daily