Sech Skies’ exclusive contract under YG Entertainment similar to BIGBANG’s

Return as a group and signing on with YG Entertainment, details of Sechs Kies’ coveted contract have been revealed. 

On May 11th, it was announced that Sech Skies signed an exclusive contract with YG Enertainment, allowing them to return to the industry with promotional album releases and concerts.

As the news of their comeback rang true, it was also revealed that the members signed an exclusive contract similar to that BIGBANG. Up this date, BIGBANG remains to be the biggest artist under the management having stayed for ten years and renewed contracts twice.

According to the agency’s representative, Sech Skies did not have any arguments with the contract and signed it within an hour. The possibility of Lee Jae Jin’s influence to Yang Hyun Suk, who is married to Lee Jae Jin’s sister, was also discussed.

Meanwhile, as the reunion goes into full swing, Yang Hyun Suk is also doing a personal challenge to convince remaining member Go Ji Young to join them.

Source: DailySports

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