SECHS KIES Opens Up About Kang Sunghoon’s Departure From The Group And Regrouping As 4 Members

Eun Jiwon apologized…

SECHS KIES held a press conference for their upcoming comeback with album, “All For You”. The new album took 2 and a half years to make as Kang Sunghoon departed from the group due to his scandals.

The remaining members opened up about the absence of their main vocalist.

We don’t have a main vocalist anymore. The member who best fits the song becomes the main vocalist.

Our individual roles became more important.

— Eun Jiwon


Eun Jiwon clarified that the group was the happiest when they were a complete group of 6 members. He apologized to the fans for not being able to promote as the original lineup.

We were the happiest when we were 6 with Go Jiyong. But we’re making a comeback as 4 members, and I feel the most sorry to our fans.

— Eun Jiwon


Although their members have decreased, Jang Suwon reassured fans that the members are closer than ever!

We’re always close with each other since then and now. We joke around and bicker with each other but whenever we’re recording, I think we have good individual styles but also a good chemistry together.

— Jang Suwon


Eun Jiwon added that now that the members have all entered their late 30’s and early 40’s, they’ve become getting deeper in their conversation and friendship.

We became 4 when we used to be 6, so we believed we should become closer together. We spend more time together.

We talked together more. Maybe it’s because we all aged another year, but we started having deeper talks.

— Eun Jiwon


SECHS KIES’s new album drops today at 6pm KST, and it will be the first album since Kang Sunghoon’s departure and the delay caused by YG Entertainment‘s recent scandals.

Source: Donga