SECHS KIES’ Kang Sunghoon Accused Of Involvement In Fan Meeting Scam

SECHS KIES’ Kang Sunghoon has been wrapped up in accusations that he was involved in a scam that stole money from fans in Taiwan.

SECHS KIES’s Kang Sunghoon recently cancelled his solo fan meeting that was set to take place in Taiwan. Taiwanese reports claimed that Kang Sunghoon unilaterally cancelled the fan meetings, which caused the affiliated Taiwanese companies to incur a loss of about $90,000 USD (100 million won).

Aside from the complaint filed by the companies, fans who had purchased the tickets have not been refunded properly.


What enraged SECHS KIES fans even more was that Kang Sunghoon’s fan club, called Hoony World, were the ones in charge of the fan meeting. Last March, Hoony World hosted an event but were unable to be completely transparent in their spendings. Fans began suspecting the group for embezzlement. Kang Sunghoon was also rumored to be dating one of the admins from Hoony World.


Kang Sunghoon released a statement explaining that the fan meeting was cancelled due to a Taiwanese company tricking them, which resulted in issues with their visas.

“Over the past 3 months, I’ve tried my best to hold this fan meeting. All I have is apologetic hearts towards [the fans].

The Taiwanese media is trying to play this story out in a ridiculous way that it just looks stupid.

The company holding the event, Forever 2228, tried to continue with the event, even if it meant that we would be losing money. However, the Taiwanese company tricked us, so the Taiwanese government denied our visa applications. That’s the fact.

I’ll continue to keep updated on this issue to make sure it gets resolved, so please don’t stress over this and wait for me to give you an update at a later time.”

— Kang Sunghoon


He also clarified that the rumors of him dating a fan admin was completely untrue.

“I’ll be straightforward with the girlfriend rumors. Rumors are just rumors. There’s no need to clarify farther. There’s no reason to continue talking about it. Please stop the rumors from running amok.”

— Kang Sunghoon


YG Entertainment also stepped up to clarify that they are looking into the issue to see how they can help in resolving the misunderstandings.

“We are deeply regretful about the unfortunate happening that occurred about Kang Sunghoon’s solo fan meeting.

Kang Sunghoon has been personally taking charge of his solo fan meetings, but YG will do our best to find out more about the issues and try to resolve the problems as soon as possible, so that there will not be any more victims.”

— YG Entertainment


Regardless of Kang Sunghoon and YG Entertainment’s statements, a group of fans are demanding that he disband from SECHS KIES.


Kang Sunghoon took to his fan cafe once again to apologize to all of his fans and reassure them that he will be looking into the issue to get everything resolved.

“Hello. This is Kang Sunghoon.

First, I would like to apologize for causing an inconvenience to the SECHS KIES fans and Hoony World fans who have continually given me strength over the long years.

Every day, I believe it is a precious blessing to be able to introduce myself as singer Kang Sunghoon, who is a member of SECHS KIES.

While I should be expressing my gratefulness, I have caused trouble to the fans and my team due to my faults. I sincerely apologize with a hurting heart.

I will carefully and diligently look into the issues that have caused the current controversy, so that I can apologize for them and resolve any misunderstandings.

I sincerely apologize once again.”

— Kang Sunghoon

Source: Herald Pop, xportsnews and Newsen