Sechs Kies will reunite after 16 years on “Infinite Challenge”

First generation idol group Sechs Kies will finally be reuniting after 16 years!

On March 31st, a broadcast representative confirmed with Ilgan Sports that the popular 90s six-male idol group members will be making a guest appearance in an upcoming episode of Infinite Challenge. The representative adds that recording have occurred in secret the past two weeks with the members finally preparing for their guerrilla concert.

They continued, “Go Ji Young has even decided to participate after struggling with the decision as to appear or not until the end.”

Sechs Kies will be holding a reunion guerrilla concert on April 7th at the World Cup Stadium in Mapo-gu, Sangam, Seoul.

Over the past few years, rumors of their reunion has repeatedly been reported with various of the group members spotted meeting.

The group debuted in 1997 under Daesung Entertainment (now DSP Media), rising to become one of the representative idols of that generation and was even named as H.O.T‘s rivals at the time. Unfortunately, the group disbanded three years later in 2000 with each members going their separate ways.

Source: Ilgan Sports