SECHSKIES’s Kang Sunghoon Under Fire For Changing Lyrics To BIGBANG’s “Flower Road”

“If you want to dedicate a song for your fans… Please write and produce it yourself!”

SECHSKIES member Kang Sunghoon held a solo concert, at which he covered BIGBANG‘s “Flower Road”. When the audience noticed that he changed the lyrics that go “BIGBANG” to his own nickname, “Hoon-y”, Kang Sunghoon immediately faced criticism for “messing with a fan song”.

BIGBANG’s “Flower Road” is a “Fan Song (팬송, a song produced especially for the fans by a group)” for VIPs, as it was left behind as a gift while 4 out of 5 members left to enlist for their military services.


BIGBANG fans were upset that Kang Sunghoon sang an altered version of a fan song to please his own fans. They claimed he was being “inconsiderate” and “disrespectful”.


BIGBANG fans were more than vocal about Kang Sunghoon’s decision to sing an altered version of “Flower Road”. The angry fans trended the hashtag “#젝키_강성훈_꽃길_해명해 (#Sechskies_Kangsunghoon_FlowerRoad_Explain)” on social media platforms to request a response from the artist, as well as to have him remove the track from the concert set list entirely.


On the other hand, other fans believe that the controversy stemmed from fans being too sensitive and overreacting. Some claimed that BIGBANG should be grateful that a first-generation, veteran idol like Kang Sunghoon (who debuted 9 years before BIGBANG) covered the song.

  • “They should be grateful that a veteran senior who debuted 9 years before BIGBANG covered the song.”
  • “They’re being too sensitive over the topic.”


No official response has come from Kang Sunghoon yet, while the fans are now going as far as to involve YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyun Suk in the situation. They criticize him for not foreseeing this as problematic.

Source: Dispatch