Second-Generation Idol Boldly Claims He Could Have Dated Uee If It Weren’t For Haha

The two had previously been set up on a date.

Kwanghee claimed he could have dated former After School member UEE if it weren’t for HaHa.

Kwanghee |

ZE:A, member Kwanghee, made an appearance on the April 18 episode of ENA‘s HaHa Bus. 

In the episode, Kwanghee expressed admiration for Haha, who is a father of three children.

Today I looked after (Haha’s) three children for a short time, but I think HaHa must have been tired.

— Kwanghee

Haha’s wife, Byul, then responded by stating she thought Kwanghee would enjoy being a father, to which Kwanghee stated that he didn’t feel the time was right for him to get married just yet.

Before I get married, there are a lot of things I want to do. I want to travel as well.

— Kwanghee

Byul then stated that she understood Kwanghee’s dilemma. The singer then revealed that Haha had once told her when she was younger to date a lot of men, but in the end, to marry him. The singer then asked Kwanghee if there wasn’t anybody who asked him to get married.

The person who understands your dilemma is me. I was Haha’s colleague since I was young. At the time, Haha told me to date a lot of boyfriends, but in the end, marry him. I didn’t know at the time that we would really end up getting married. You never know what is going to happen. Isn’t there anyone that asks you to get married?

— Byul

Kwanghee then carefully stated that there wasn’t anybody, to which Haha chimed in, stating, “No, he has somebody. I know who she is, but I won’t say anything.” Kwanghee denied Haha’s claims at first but eventually relented when Haha threatened to say the person’s name.

From bottom left: Haha, Byul |

Kwanghee then alleged that the reason why he never told Haha about his love life is that whenever he did, Haha would mess up his chances with her, and then claimed if it weren’t for Haha, he might’ve dated Uee.

Do you know why I don’t tell you hyungs about my love life? Whenever I tell you, you mess it up. Uee is an example of this.

— Uee

Haha then retorted, stating that, on the contrary, it was because of him that Kwanghee even had a chance with Uee, to which Kwanghee doubled down on his claims that Haha had messed his chances up.

What do you mean I had a chance because of you? If it weren’t for you, hyungs, it would have worked out. I’m never going to tell you (about my love life) again!

— Kwanghee

Haha, then joked that it wasn’t his fault, but, “It’s Jae Suk (Yoo Jae Suk) hyung’s fault.”

Previously, Kwanghee revealed in a 2015 episode of Infinite Challenge that Uee was his ideal type and confessed his feelings for her on the show, despite teasing from the show’s other members. Eventually, the show set Kwanghee up on a blind date with Uee, where he surprised the members by seemingly being sincere about his feelings for her.

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