Second-Generation Idol Makes Chilling Claims That She Came Face To Face With A Murderer

“The detective walked up to me and showed me a picture…”

Second-generation idol Heo Chanmi (also known as Huh Chanmi) shocked fans when she revealed she came face-to-face with a murderer.

Heo Chanmi | @chanmii_h/Instagram

On a recent variety show, the idol revealed her most shocking incident. According to Heo Chanmi, the incident occurred while she was still a High School student.

It was when I was a High School student. One night, a friend and I were waiting for the bus at the bus stop when a man who was dressed in raggedy clothes appeared. The man spoke to us, saying Guys, what are you guys doing out so late? If you guys hang out this late, it is dangerous

 Heo Chanmi

The idol then stated that she had a bad feeling, and so she and her friend ignored him, but that the man kept talking to them and eventually asked if her name was (censored).

After hearing that, we had a bad feeling and were scared, so we didn’t respond and were still when he asked us Hey, are you (name)? We were scared and, so we were considering running away, but at that moment a bus arrived. Luckily he didn’t follow us onto the bus.

— Heo Chanmi

Heo Chanmi stated that, to her horror, the man had walked up to the window by her seat and started making chilling gestures.

After getting on the bus, I peeped out the window, but the man was standing in front of the window by my seat. He was laughing and started making weird gestures as if he was cutting down something.

— Heo Chanmi

The idol revealed that she safely returned home but was so scared that she called the police. When she returned to school the next day, she was surprised to see policemen waiting for her and then learned the chilling news. Turns out the man she had met the night before was a murderer on the loose, who chopped up his victim, and that the name he had asked her was the name of his victim.

The detective walked up to me and showed me a picture. It was a picture of the man I met the night before. The detective then told me that they thought the person I met was a murderer who they were looking for.

At the time, this was shocking news in our neighborhood, and it became famous. The criminal wasn’t caught at the time, and the name that the man had asked for was the name of one of his victims. After several days, thankfully, I heard he was caught. I felt relieved at the thought that I might have helped the police find him.

— Heo Chanmi

Meanwhile, Heo Chanmi debuted with Coed School in 2010 before debuting again with F-ve Dolls in 2011. The idol became famous after her appearance on the famed audition program Produce 101. She is currently transitioning to become a trot singer.

Source: wikitree
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