Legendary K-Pop Idol Has The Most Iconic Reaction To Newly Debuted Groups Being The “Fifth Generation”

He debuted back in 2003!

According to Korean media outlets and many fans, the artists debuting now are classed as K-Pop’s “5th-generation” and include groups like ZEROBASEONE, KISS OF LIFE, and xikers.

ZEROBASEONE | @ZB1_official/Twitter
KISS OF LIFE members | @KISSOFLIFE_s2/Twitter
Members of xikers | Korean Herald

While it has taken fans some time to get used to the idea, one second-generation veteran idol was shaken by the revelation of K-Pop being in the “5th generation,” and it’s none other than Kim Jaejoong.

Kim Jaejoong | @jj_1986_jj/Ins tagram

On October 12, Kim Jaejoong released another video as part of his “Jaefriends” series, and this time, his guest was none other than fellow second-generation idol 2NE1‘s Sandara Park (also known as Dara).

Considering both idols’ experience in the industry, they spilled some hilarious tea, including why Sandara thinks she would’ve been better off at SM Entertainment.

In particular, they spoke about the newest generation of idols during the video. While Sanadara and Jaejoong discussed that the concept of “Idol ads” had changed massively since they first debuted…

Jaejoong asked Sandara to guess what generation they were. Of course, like netizens, the 2NE1 singer explained, “5th.”

While he asked the question (and many assumed he knew the answer), Jaejoong’s reaction to hearing Sandara’s answer was hilarious, as he replied, “It’s 5th?” as if he couldn’t believe his ears.

When it came to examples, Sandara pointed out that ZEROBASEONE (ZB1) was part of the newest generation of idols, and once again, Jaejoong’s response was iconic after he said, “Wow, that’s incredible.”

In particular, Sandara shared the differences she noticed since when she debuted and seeing third-generation idols debut, to those who have come up as the fourth and fifth generation.

The 3rd generation was really young but it still felt like we were working together. But from the 4th generation they’d come up to me.

— Sandara Park

Knowing that many of them are very young, Jaejoong even joked, “They could be our children if we had them at 20.”

Sandara Park then said a truly iconic line, as she found a comparison, adding, “So I’m like the Dolly Parton of idols…”

So it isn’t easy performing because everyone is coming up to you I feel like I shouldn’t be there.

— Sandara Park

While it is known that K-Pop is moving to the fifth generation, seeing veteran idols react to the new stars is always truly iconic.

You can read more from the video below.

Source: uhmg/YouTube