Netizens Praise A Second-Generation Idol For Openly Following His Former Idol Girlfriend On His New Instagram Account

Dating is still seen as a taboo in the idol industry.

While dating in K-Pop has become more common, it is still something that is often frowned upon, especially if it is shown in a public way.

Yet, one veteran K-Pop idol has gained attention after openly following his former idol girlfriend on Instagram… and it’s none other than Super Junior‘s Ryeowook.

Super Junior’s Ryeowook | SMTOWN

Since debuting, Ryeowook has always gained attention for his golden vocals.


On October 9, Ryeowook finally opened his own Instagram account.

After opening his account, Ryeowook posted an adorable picture that cements that the idol definitely doesn’t age and even seems to be getting younger as time goes by.

As soon as he opened the account, the veteran idol started following people straight away and amidst the expected accounts, including members of Super Junior and other SM Entertainment artists…

In particular, Ryeowook gained attention after following two accounts in particular.

While it might just seem like any username, it is actually the account of Ryeowook’s girlfriend, former Tahiti member Ari.

It was announced that the two idols were dating back in 2020. While they aren’t as public about their relationship, Ryeowook’s activity seems to confirm they’re still dating.

When netizens noticed what happened, many couldn’t stop praising the idol because, in an industry where dating is still taboo, Ryeowook openly followed his girlfriend on his personal account.

While it seems like a small gesture, in the world of K-Pop, even as a veteran idol, it isn’t something that happens a lot. It’s not surprising that fans are praising the idol and loving their relationship.

Source: wikitree and Nate