Second Generation Male Idol Unveils The Reality Of K-Pop Meet & Greets

Here’s what it’s like for idols during fanmeetings.

Fanmeetings are a staple in the K-Pop industry. Here, fans can join by entering a lottery based on album purchases or by buying tickets in advance. In return for their support, they can spend time with the artist they love and even see them up close.

A video of the meet & greet of 2PM‘s Taecyeon is going viral for showing the reality of these kinds of events especially in the point of view of the K-Pop idol. It happened in the SpecialTY fanmeeting tour in Taipei, Taiwan, on September 16.

In the video, a netizen showed a general viewpoint of the venue from the back.

Taecyeon was seen situated by the door, waiting for the hundreds of fans to leave the room one by one in a single file. He didn’t simply wave goodbye to them, he also changed his poses so fast that each one received their own as they walked by him.

From basic waves…

…to mini finger hearts…

…to playing rock-paper-scissors…

…and even flexing his biceps for the guys, he worked hard to ensure that everyone left the fanmeeting feeling happy and seen.

He paid close attention to each and every one in the venue—a grandfather even received not a heart, but a ninety degree bow!

Taecyeon was apparently this passionate not only to the people shown on the video but to all the fans who came to see him. He personalized his gestures on the spot for each one’s sake, saying his goodbyes and replying to them at the same time.

As such, it’s no surprise that netizens commented that “being an idol is no joke” and “idols are amazing” due to how fast their reaction time is and how visibly they show their love for their fans.

Source: Twitter