Secret Hyosung Gave Her Mother A Cake Made Of Cash

Hyosung loves to celebrate special occasions with one of her favorite treats: cake. This time, she celebrated by presenting her mother with a very interestingly made cake!

SECRET‘s Hyosung recently gave her mother a full cake of money. The lovely idol and group leader posted the photo to her Instagram with a caption that read, “Made a gift hastily and little clumsily, but proud.” Hyosung made the cake out of 10,000 and 50,000 won notes (about $8 and $42 USD.)

울엄마 #환갑케이크 #선물 급하게 만들어서 조금 서툴지만 뿌듯했던 ??????

A photo posted by JUN HYO SEONG /SECRET 전효성 (@secrettimehs) on

The unique gift was well received and Hyosung was praised for the kind present.

Lately, Hyosung has been busy with two projects. She is currently filming for tvN‘s new romantic comedy, Introverted Boss, which just launched January 16th. She is also the host of MBC‘s Every1 Video Star.

Source: JoongAng