SECRET joins “Happy Together” briquette donations campaign

The ladies of SECRET have now joined the list of celebrities who have purchased “Happy Together” phone cases to donate toward the campaign to bring briquettes to the elderly and underprivileged in South Korea.

This year, donations for briquettes for the less fortunate have decreased by almost half, causing many families to face the cold winter without coal to heat their homes. Most of those who receive these donations are seniors who are living alone without the means to purchase briquettes.

However, the “Happy Together” campaign aims to limit the number of homes that will have to bear the cold South Korean winter without heat by donating 10 briquettes for every phone case purchased.

Other idols who have been showing off their new phone cases and contributed to delivering briquettes include the fixed cast of hit show Running Man, VIXX, GOT7, KARA, Apink, and B1A4.

Source: Newsen