TS Entertainment officially announces Sunhwa’s departure from SECRET

Han Sunhwa reported to be departing from her group SECRET.

The sad day eventually comes for all fans, when members of their favorite groups inevitably leave. In recent time, Jessica left Girls’ Generation, as well as Minzy from 2NE1 earlier this year.  Now, according to reports from Korean news agency Yonhap, SECRET member Sunhwa will be leaving after seven years with the group. According to sources, her contract expires on October 13th with TS Entertainment and Sunhwa plans to leave the group to pursue her acting career.

TS Entertainment has released an official statement regarding the news of Sunhwa leaving the group.

Check out the full translation of their official statement down below:

“Hello, this is TS Entertainment.

We’re sorry to inform you that Han Sunhwa’s contract was terminated on October 13, 2016, and will leave SECRET after 7 years’ remarkable achievements.

The other three members – Jun Hyosung, Song Jieun, and Jung Hana – renewed the contract, and so not only will they stay as SECRET, but also each member will keep pursuing very active solo activities.

We highly appreciate the warm supports on SECRET you’ve shown so far, and please continue them on SECRET as well as Han Sunhwa.

Thank you.”

SECRET has put a stop to all group activities since their latest track “I’m In Love” in August, 2014. Although the group will continue with 3 members, this will be the last song together for the group as a whole.

Source: YonhapYoutube