SECRET NUMBER’s Soodam Goes Viral For Her Unreal Visuals At KCON 2022

She’s even bringing in new fans!

SECRET NUMBER is a group that is renowned for their immense talent and stunning visuals. The group has been a part of Mnet‘s ROAD TO MAX competition, which secured them their first performance at KCON 2022Β in Saudi Arabia.

As expected, SECRET NUMBER left the crowd in awe of their powerful and captivating performances.

And fans were stunned by all of the members’ visuals.

SECRET NUMBER’s visual, Soodam, even trended for her unreal visuals.

Fans don’t know how someone so beautiful can be real.

K-Pop fans who aren’t yet fans of SECRET NUMBER are even being convinced by Soodam’s ethereal beauty.

You can watch SECRET NUMBER’s KCON 2022 performance here.

You can read more about ROAD TO MAX here.

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