SECRET renews contract with TS Entertainment for another five years

Girl group SECRET has been revealed to have renewed their contract with TS Entertainment a year and a half early before their contract was up.

The group, who made their official debut in 2009, originally signed an exclusive contract with the agency for seven years. A year and a half before their contract approached expiration, all four members have resigned with TS Entertainment for an additional five years.

The fact that SECRET will be with TS Entertainment for 12 years has a deep meaning within the Korean music industry, as it is a rare thing to see.

Since their official debut as a girl group back in 2009, SECRET has released several hit songs, including “Magic,” “Madonna,” “Shy Boy,” “Twinkle Twinkle,” and more. But not only are they doing well as a unit, they have also found success in individual activities, branching out as solo artists and actresses as well.

Hyosung has ventured out as a soloist on stage and actress, while Sunhwa has left a strong impression with her appearance in MBC‘s Rosy Lovers. Song Jieun, in addition to solo activities, made her debut as an actress in tvN‘s Superhuman Generation. Jung Hana, on the other hand, has been busy as a composer and activities in other fields.

Source: Sports Donga