SECRET shows endless love and support for SONAMOO on MBC’s “Weekly Idol”

SECRET‘s Song Ji Eun has poured out an endless amount of compliments towards her juniors SONAMOO during the special 200th episode of Weekly Idol.

During the 200th episode of MBC’s Weekly Idol that aired on May 27th, senior and junior artists from three different music agencies appeared as guests on the show such as TS Entertainment‘s SECRET and SONAMOO, FNC Entertainment‘s AOA and N.Flying, and last but not least, Starship Entertainment‘s SISTAR and MONSTA X.

Of these agencies and senior groups, however, SECRET seemed to show the most affection towards their juniors with a plethora of compliments and admiration. Song Ji Eun stated, “[SONAMOO] are all very slim and tall unlike SECRET; they may even be the prettiest and most visually beautiful girl group ever.

The SECRET vocalist even made a few more compliments by saying, “The visually prettiest hip-hop girl group [is SONAMOO].”

Secret's Song Ji Eun & Zinger with their TS Entertainment juniors, SONAMOO.
Secret’s Song Ji Eun & Zinger with their TS Entertainment juniors, SONAMOO.

Additionally, SECRET’s rapper Jung Hana pointed towards SONAMOO’s Nahyun and said, “She’s one of the juniors that gets on my nerves because she’s so pretty.

However, when the show’s hosts asked Nahyun about her SECRET seniors, the SONAMOO rookie showed off her bold charms by responding, “They are very polite and well-mannered seniors. Whenever we are at the broadcasting stations [together], they are always so polite to everyone.

Part two of the special 200th episode of Weekly Idol will air on June 3rd where SONAMOO will reveal their true faces from behind the masks and showcase their “crazy dance parade.”

Source: OSEN