SECRET’s Hyosung tells fans she wouldn’t lose less than 46kg

SECRET’s Hyosung held her comeback showcase on May 7th at the YES24 Muv Hall in Seoul where she reassured worrying fans about her recent weight loss.

Holding the event to commemorate her upcoming album release with FANTASIA, she was then questioned about her diet.

She replied, “(Losing weight) is my biggest dilemma. Other girl groups are seen as having to lose weight but if I lose weight, it’s chaos. If I gain weight, it’s also chaos. I don’t lose any lower than 46 kg. I had done a diet because I wanted to feel like I’m healthy and, through that, look good on camera.”

“I don’t think fans have to worry so much. It’s incredibly gratifying to be relieved of my body. There are so many people whose bodies are good and I consider it a very grateful thing to be able to squeeze into one of those spots,” she continued.

“And the other parts that I couldn’t improve will be my homework to do from now on. I don’t think of [my weight] in a concerned or disliking way. I think of it positively.”

Hyosung’s album will be released today on May 7th at noon KST.

Source: OSEN