Secret’s Jieun posts photo sparking contract renewal speculation

On August 18th, Secret‘s Jieun has posted a photo on Instagram, sparking speculation of a potential contract renewal with TS Entertainment.

2016 has been a year with a lot of new beginnings for seasoned k-pop groups. Many groups have disbanded or have had members leave to focus on their solo careers. With this in mind, many fans wonder if Secret’s members are planning on renewing their contacts, which end this October.  

Earlier, Secret’s Jieun posted a photo on her Instagram inside the TS Entertainment studio, sparking speculation that she is renewing her contract.


나 잘지내요?

See this Instagram photo by @secret_jieunssong * 13.6k likes

This comes after rumors of Sunhwa was going to leave the girl group at the end of her contract. Here, TS Entertainment has yet to confirm that Secret will continue on as four. At the moment, the company claims that negotiations are still being made.

Secret has been with TS Entertainment since 2009 debuting with their single “I Want You Back”. Both Jieun and Hyosung have both had solo releases within the last two years.  Furthermore, Secret’s latest comeback as a group “ I’m In Love, ” was in 2014. For now we can just hope for the best while waiting to hear what the next step for the girls and the company will be.

Source: Instagram, Naver