Security Camera Catches Professor Trying To Force Student To Kiss Him

CCTV footage of a professor forcefully kissing a student and then giving her money has gone viral.

The incident was said to take place in a classroom at Gabriel René Moreno University in Bolivia.

The student appears to be working and blind to anything around her.

Suddenly, the professor standing next to the girl grabs her hair and forcibly kisses her.

The student pushes him away with her head down, clearly embarrassed and uncomfortable. They are seen talking for a moment but the professor kisses her a second time, this time for longer.

The professor then takes out his wallet and hands the woman some money. She wipes her eyes but accepts the cash, probably hoping he will go away.

But he grabs her again and kisses her a third time before leaving.

For the past few days, the subject has been trending on Facebook as netizens share their rage at the professor who is violating a position of power. Hopefully, the viral video will stop it happening in the future.

Source: Dispatch