Assassination of Kim Jong Un’s half brother captured on security camera

Security footage of Kim Jong Un‘s half brother’s last moments has surfaced online.

Blurred video pulled from security footage shows Kim Jong Nam’s encounter with a woman, who is believed to be one of the assassins. The clip shows the moment the woman bumps into him, which leads to a brief tussle between the two.

The woman appears to reach over Kim Jong Nam and slip something over his mouth for a few seconds, before calmly walking away. Another woman, who joined the first before the assassination occurs also walks away.

Kim Jong Nam alerts security and was quickly moved to a clinic within the airport for medical treatment, where he was thought to be in good condition. However, Kim Jong Nam was confirmed to have died while being transferred to Putrajaya Hospital in Malaysia shortly afterwards.

Four North Korean men are also being suspected of having a hand in the assassination. Ri Jihyon, Hong Songhac, O Jonggil, and Ri Jaenam all arrived in Malaysia and left the same day of the assassination.

The women in the video were declared the prime culprits behind the assassination, despite alleged claims by the women that they tricked into committing the crime. The women claimed they were approached at a nightclub and offered $100 to take part in a “prank” and had no idea the victim was Kim Jong Nam.

The four male suspects fled Malaysia via airplane on February 13, and allegedly made stopovers in Indonesia, Arab Emirates, and Russia, finally arriving in Pyeongyang on February 17.

They have since all been arrested.

Watch the security footage below:

Source: CNN, Washington Post and CBS News