Security Guard At TWICE’s “III” Encore Concert Was Ready To Risk It All

Getting paid to see TWICE? Talk about a successful fan!

Have you ever imagined going to your favorite K-Pop group’s concert and getting paid for it?

Well, some are doing it!

A security guard at one of TWICE‘s historic III tour encore shows went viral recently.

Kristin (@kris.sn29 on TikTok) shared highlights from TWICE’s concert to the video-sharing app. They noted that the security guard stationed in front of their section was vibing to TWICE too.

The ONCE (fan of TWICE) also pointed out that the security guard appeared to be paying more attention to TWICE’s performance than the fans they were meant to be monitoring.

Not only that, but Nayeon even waved and blew a kiss in their direction! So, if the security guard wasn’t a ONCE before, they sure are now!

The video ended up going viral on TikTok with 209.3K views and 67.9K likes at the time of writing.


The power of seeing Twice live 🤩 I caught her singing along to DTNA during the fireworks finale #twice #twiceconcert #twice4thworldtourencore #twiceencore #twice4thworldtour #twice_tiktok_official #fyp

♬ moonlight – Tara

Netizens are convinced that the security guard was converted into the TWICE fandom that night.

| TikTok

On the other hand, others are convinced that the security guard was already a ONCE…

| TikTok

And, all the signs point to that the security guard was a fan of TWICE already before taking the job.

| TikTok

| TikTok


Some even spotted her singing along! And another TikToker (@allenwithane) posted a clip of it.


W security guard #twice #twiceencore #twiceencoreconcert #twiceinla #fypkpop

♬ original sound – Al

Similarly, that video went viral with 78.3K views, and many netizens suggested that the security guard was actually a ONCE.

| TikTok

Now, it has been confirmed.

The security guard in question commented on one of the viral TikTok videos, identifying herself. They said, “THE GIRLS HAD ME AMAZED!!!”

| TikTok

The security guard, Mecca, is not only a ONCE but also a model and pole dancer.

Mecca | @mecca_believe/Instagram

Mecca also reposted one of the videos on her TikTok (@meccaxbelieve) and responded to some questions.


Forget me Jihyo in the background makes the video🥰 #twiceworldtour2022 #jihyotwice #twiceinla #fyp

♬ original sound – Mecca Babeyyy

Mecca revealed that she had specifically chosen to work the event because of TWICE!

| TikTok

Getting paid to see TWICE? This ONCE is winning!

Source: TikTok (1) and (2)

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