Security Guard’s Completely Relatable Reaction To Wanna One’s Lai Guanlin Goes Viral

This security guard is all of us.

Wanna One just gave their first performance at KCON New York and while everyone who couldn’t attend is sad that they couldn’t see their idols in person, one security guard reminds us just how dangerous our idols can be!

For our hearts that is!


It all started when Lai Guanlin showed off some of his dance moves. His sudden sexy moves had fans going crazy which in turn prompted the security guard to see what the fuss was about.


From there, the sexy factor kept rising…


Which led to her totally relatable reaction!

How can one guy make everyone present go crazy?


Netizens were able to understand her feelings and thanks to her reaction, fell in love with the guard.


But the video isn’t just gaining attention for her reaction. Guanlin has also captured many hearts and people are wanting to know all about him!


Since the video was posted it’s become a viral sensation, with over 408,000 views! People just can’t get over the sexy dance moves and the security guard’s corresponding reaction.


Watch the whole clip below and fangirl with the security guard. Just a warning though, you may end up fanning yourself just like she did!

Source: @realdefnik

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