[★TRENDING] Security Guard who physically assaulted NCT U fans blames them for his actions

The security guard who threw NCT U fans to the floor has released a statement blaming fans without an apology in a ridiculous letter posted online.

On February 6, fans flooded the airport in Thailand for a glimpse of NCT U as they arrived for an event. The massive number of fans was not expected by private or airport security, who were unable to take control of the crowd.

The mass crowd of fans got out of hand quickly, with some pushing and shoving in order to get a closer look at NCT. While fans may have caused a few injuries, the worst incident came when a security guard violently pushed one fan to the ground.

Videos captured the entire incident as the security guard violently smacks one fan’s phone away and then shoves two fans to the ground. He continues to push fans away aggressively as he leads NCT U members outside.

While it’s clear in the video that fans are not allowing for NCT U to leave the airport by crowding them, it does not excuse the security guards behavior. Proper preparation for celebrities arriving at the airport could have prevented the entire incident.

Now, the company behind the security for NCT U’s airport arrival has posted an explanation on their Facebook Page. The explanation does not apologize to fans at all but instead places the blame on them entirely.

After NCT has made their way to Suvarnabhumi Airport [in Thailand] the numernous amount of thoughtless fans hovered around NCT making it almost impossible for the artists to make their way to the car.

[This made it] very hard on the guards to do their jobs but they would also like to thank fans who were trying to help clear the path as well. One fan (as circled) who was trying to help make way for NCT was pushed hard that until her phone hit the artist and almost fell down.

T.team would like to thank the fan in white #wewanttogivethispersonaprize

— T.TEAM (Security Guard Company)

The post made to “T.TEAM” Facebook Page.

This explanation conveniently leaves out the entire video and instance where their own security guard pushes fans to the ground. The fan pointed out by T.TEAM in their post can be seen in the video posted above and a close shot posted below.

It’s very clear that the fan in T.TEAM’s photos is being pushed and is distraught but she is just one of many fans who were caught in the crowd.

The video below captures the “girl in white” for a moment in the background.

Just steps away from this scene are the fans that are being assaulted by the security guard. There are no screenshots of these fans in T.TEAM’s post.

In a statement to Thai media, the company goes on to excuse their behavior and blame K-Pop fans. They state that their actions were due to fans not listening to their instructions. The statement continues to talk about the “girl in white” in an attempt to deflect blame and seemingly create good-will for their company.

“I also felt heart broken that I had to do that, but the fans were all trying to push their way to be near the artist… the reason we had to do what we did was because the fans were hovering over the artist and not giving way.

The guards already said to give way to the artist but the fans were not doing as [they were] told and all they want to do was be able to be near the artist.

I actually don’t want generalize that all K-Pop fans are bad fans or that fans of a particular groups are bad fans because there some good fans out there too.

During this event, you could see a fan in white who came to help guard but we werent able to see that at the time, thus, we did what we did. However we would like to thank the fan. Also, there was a fan who returned back a guards walkie talkie when it went missing.”

— T.TEAM (Security Guard Company)

The security guard company has worked with Super Junior and EXO in the past for their security as well. They have yet to apologize to NCT U fans for their behavior or clearly admitted to fault in their aggressive nature when dealing with the young girls at the airport.